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Aleksandar Prodanovic.

I'm a full-stack developer with a passion for creating dynamic, user-friendly web applications that deliver optimal performance and user experience.
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<About Me>

I started getting interested in programming back in 2004, and I knew that my hobby would eventually turn into a way for me to earn a good living.

I got my first job in 2009, playing one mmorpg on a private server as a creator of in-game items and mechanics. Shortly after that, in 2010/11, I began working in web development, which fulfilled me the most, and I worked for a company called Six-Solutions.
Later, in 2013, I enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science and during my second year, I started an internship at the company Brain-Win Project. For many years alongside my job, I have also been doing freelance work as side jobs, mostly as a full-stack web developer.

My main focus these days is building accessible, inclusive products and digital experiences I have a proven track record of creating engaging, dynamic, and responsive websites that are optimized for performance and user experience.

Aleksandar Prodanovic
<Places I Have Worked>

@Game Developer

Jun 2009 - Nov 2010
Texas, United States · Remote

Gryphon server was a private World of Warcraft server where I started playing back in 2009.

Later on, I got employed to create in-game assets and work in the database.
I used SQL, MariaDB, MySQL,HeidSQL and created LUA scripts.
Additionally, using LUA, I scripted bosses, quests, and creatures within the game itself I also worked extensively in both C++ and C#..

@Front-end web developer

Nov 2012 - Dec 2014
Belgrade, Serbia · Hybrid

Six-Solutions is an outsourcing company founded in 2011.

Work on understanding client requirements, planning and designing applications, writing and optimizing code, testing and debugging, as well as deploying and maintaining applications.
Additionally, I write technical documentation, regularly report progress to clients, and collaborate with the team using versioning and task tracking tools.

@Database Administrator

Jan 2015 - Present
Brussels Region, Belgium

Brain-Win Project is consulting, outsourcing and training services company.

@full-stack developer @Backend Developer

phpBB: My first freelance jobs began in 2008, focused on creating and maintaining templates and addons for PHPBB forums. For example, at that time, "guilds" in MMORPG games were popular and experiencing expansions, and I created forums for these guilds and connected them with in-game content.

Some of the websites I worked on:rukoart.com, hologrammsolutions.at

<Specialized Knowledge>